Lidc was originally inspired by experienced players who were looking for a better multiboxing software. Its developement and all its features were based on the needs and feedback of players of all kinds including those who were looking to control only a few characters as well as those who would create entire raids. That makes Lidc the kind of software that knows exactly what you need to make your multiboxing experience as smooth as possible while providing you with quality performance and easy control. Our goal and our main priority was, and will always be, to tailor Lidc in a way that matches the player's needs as best as possible!


Here is what some of our users had to say about Lidc:

Excellent stuff, would highly recommend as it's very easy to set up and works wonders.
- Dee Marie
Great work on this software, I'm definitely replacing my current software in favor of Lidc.
- Shufflex
Awesome! Simple to set up and running.
- kyzurale
Its beautiful software! Thank you for releasing this.
- Skyforger
Been using this for quite some time now and it's just great!
- envelope91
This is truly masterful piece of software. I, as a total newbie in the world of multiboxing, found this to be supereasy to set up and I´m now having a blast with my 5man team.
- Tallahassee
This is indeed a wonderful piece of software. I've just discovered it and it is simply the best. Well designed, easy to use, fast, clever.... I've tried several other in past, and even made fairly complex scripts but this is far beyond that.
- everytimer
Very very nice multiboxing software, it's my first time with these things, and the simplicity has helped me enormously.
- evobcn
I just gotta say... bravo! I have tried so many multibox programs. All of them seem good at first but then you encounter all the bugs and problems. No matter what version I find of other software, I always find issues.This is absolutely beautiful, simple, successful, and so easy to use. I was set up in a minute. Not only that the program is superior in many ways to the other programs I've used, and so far I've encountered zero bugs. This is truly a blessing!
- BandoftheRedHand
This is gold. #1 multiboxing software.
- Spondrel