Welcome to Lidc!

Lidc is a multiboxing software solution, designed with one motive in mind, to make your multiboxing experience as smooth and easy as possible. While maintaining high quality, fast performance and a simple interface, you will find yourself setup and ready to play within only a few minutes.

Everything you need has been divided into 4 distinct categories that will guide you in only a few steps to create your Characters, design your Layout, define your input Keys, set your Game executable, and you are good to go! Please feel free to check our features section for a complete set of instructions on all features and cool tips about what you can do with Lidc!

Main Features

  • Keys & Mouse Broadcasting
    Keys & Mouse Broadcasting
  • Multiple Cursors
    Multiple Cursors
  • Layout Designer
    Layout Designer
  • Live Layout Design
    Live Layout Design
  • Group Characters
    Group Characters
  • Picture in Picture
    Picture in Picture
  • Key Remapping
    Key Remapping
  • Round Robin
    Round Robin
  • By Active Character
    By Active Character
  • Hotkeys

Last but not least, one of the best things about Lidc is that you dont have to take our word for its quality. Lidc comes with 30-day trial period absolutely free so that you can make sure it works for you and that it meets your expectations fully before you proceed with a purchase.

Well, dont let us keep you from it, go ahead and give it a try!

Download now and start your free 30-day trial!

  • Characters Main
  • Layout Main
  • Input Main
  • Settings Main

Supported Games

Beginner's Guide

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